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Make green wave your everyday lifestyle

Beyond being a drink, Green Wave Matcha is also a movement toward a healthy lifestyle that has an eco-friendly approach. The green symbolizes nature at its purest state.

We want to take care of nature, environment and of course ourselves, by implementing green living practices. We want to nourish our bodies with the purest ingredients. We want to take care of our mind and soul with the best health habits, attitude, awareness and positive self-care.

Our purpose is to make a commitment for a healthier green lifestyle for us and our planet, leading to a balanced well-being.

Our vision is to expose Kagoshima High Grade Matcha goodness to the world, for its health benefits by adding it in our everyday life.

We guarantee that our matcha is 100% pure organic Japanese Matcha.

Organic ingredients have an eco-friendly attribute as they are grown without toxic pesticides or herbicides providing both environmental and human safety. Our Matcha is pure, additive free, toxin free, with no synthetic preservatives or chemical fertilizers.

We are committed to providing you with only the premium, all- natural matcha that you need !

If organic is your #1 health choice, add Green Wave Matcha to your everyday lifestyle and enjoy its all-natural benefits !



Health in every cup

The name comes from the combination of two Japanese words matsu (to wipe or rub) and cha (tea). That describes how matcha is made, as the leaves were traditionally rubbed with stones and turned into a fine powder.

Matcha tea powder is made with top quality leaves that have been carefully and specially grown in the shade for up to 20 days. That causes the plant to make more chlorophyll – which gives the powder its unique vibrant jade green color. As a result, matcha tea has more antioxidants, caffeine, and L-theanine versus regular green tea.

Matcha can be whisked into hot water to make ceremonial matcha tea, added to your yummy lattes, smoothies or used as an ingredient in a variety of sweets and delicious recipes.

Green tea matcha was originally enjoyed by the Japanese royalty and upper class as part of the tea ceremony. Buddhist monks would also drink it in order to increase their concentration while meditating. Samurais would drink the Matcha tea for its health benefits, ability to focus during combat and for its sustained energy boost.

Health Benefits

Matcha tea benefits have been studied significantly. They are considered to aid in weight loss, reduce the signs of aging, lower cholesterol, boost the metabolism, help relax or focus and so much more.

Matcha unlike other caffeinated beverages helps offset the nervousness and restlessness unlike other ones. L-Theanine is an amino acid found in the plant which makes matcha green tea so great. It also contains a unique antioxidant known as catechins, which aren’t found in other foods. In particular, the catechin EGCg (epigallocatechin gallate) could aid in cancer prevention.

The benefits of matcha in terms of antioxidants is the equivalent 10 cups of green tea so whip yourself up a cup.



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Change your life and try it out today

Our tea farms are in southern Japan's Kagoshima city, offering optimum conditions for ecological cultivation.

Kagoshima Prefectural is one of largest green tea cultivation areas in Japan. Kagoshima is very rich with nature. Kagoshima's green tea cultivation started in the early 14th century and is a land with bountiful soil, longer daylight and warmer climate that is suitable for green tea cultivation.

We handle our tea products naturally, because green tea is one of the most important Japanese cultural products.

That is why, we harvest green tea yearly with the natural seasonal growth from April to early August unlike other countries that harvest green tea continuously throughout the year. This allows us to offer the highest quality organic green tea, fresh each season.

Green Wave Matcha is processed by traditional Japanese highly skilled tea masters, who have years of experience. Green Wave Matcha is Kagoshima's first year Green tea harvest. April is traditional Kagoshima green tea's first harvest of the year, The spring's warm weather gives green tea farmers across Kagoshima prefecture the opportunity to start harvest. Spring season produce the amount of fog and coolness between the mountain and the farm, that is naturally needed to create natural curtain to increase the sweetness in green tea leaves, Green Wave Matcha leaves are specially shaded under the climate of fog. The shade increases the amount of chlorophyll content in the leaves, increases the bittersweet taste that gives Green Wave Matcha its bright green colour and full of nutrients.

After Green Wave Matcha leaves are harvested, the stems and veins are carefully removed and the leaves are traditionally ground by stone milling into super fine powder. It takes hours to grind each leaf, and it is done in the dark to protect the natural nutrients in Tencha leaves. This process is handled by Traditional highly skilled tea masters as well.